Do you want to know where your money is going?
We want you to know it and help us

For us, it is very important that all the participants understand that the sustainability of the festival depends on their money and that none of the people involved are been paid for their work. This table is updated monthly taking into account the expenses and income produced.

Thank you for collaborating in crowdfunding and making the festival possible!

Luis Corral, Agus Prats, Ana Maria Mendez Lugo, Tomas Blanes Abasolo, Felipe Rodriguez, Kentaro Terajima, Alberto Alvarez, Joan Teixidor, Marina Bonmartini, Gina Grechi, Alex Hostalet, Roberto Ambrosioni, Roberta Pasini, Dimitri Daniloff, Cinzia Dell'oro, Nicoletta Victoria Tarazona, David Perez, Gabriela Cendoya, Marien Gadea, Ricard Marco, Gian Carlo Scevola, Joaquín Serpe, Pilar Morales, Niels Giori, Violeta Cañigueral, Lola Rufino Aránega, Analía Obregoso, Glo Puigmal, Alberto Rivera, Iris Martinez, Adriana Cordeiro, Manolo Hostalet, Tina López, Sonia Negri, Claudia Ligari, Sara Dell´Agostino, Maddi Trutxu, Stefano Incani, Agnese Lazzari, Alba Albet, Roberto Turelli, Dämaris Prieto, Lucia Bongio, Cecilia Murgia, Belen Vilanova, Ander Cerrato, Guillermo La Torre, Ria Wank, Paula Arnas Antolín, Ulka Krystaszek, Javier De Reparaz Issbel Herrera, Paola Pezzini, Nicoletta Rocca, Juan Luis Ronco Moris, Massimo Colombo i Susana Stein.

We believe in the need to actively seek gender equality

We join the protocol of No Sin Fotógrafas, committing ourselves to have at least 40% of women in our activities.

Updated on January 1, 2020