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Do you want to take part in EXP.20?


The International Festival on Experimental Photography EXP.20 is organized by BADEM and it is possible thanks to the support of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and the cultural center Pati Llimona. Within the unique framework of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, which has been at the service of photography in Catalonia for more than forty years, international experts and photography lovers will come together with the goal of creating a common space to share, learn and discuss experimental photography from its many sides: the creation of cameras, optics and films, processes of printing, intervention and production of copies, exhibitions and photobooks. Among the activities of the festival, there are panel discussions, presentations of projects and experiences, workshops and four collective and individual exhibitions. The program of the festival and the participants will be announced on our official accounts. We invite photographers of all levels interested in experimental photography in a broad sense.





1. The International Festival of Experimental Photography EXP.20 is open to photographers of all levels interested in experimental photography, both for consolidated and beginner photographers.


2. The registration fee includes:

a. Admission to all festival activities during the three days that it will last: panel discussions, presentations of projects and experiences.

b. Admission to one of the 3-hour-long workshops and to BADEM’s double-exposure workshop on 19th January (Sunday afternoon).

c. The possibility that one of the photographs included in your dossier may be chosen to participate in a collective exhibition at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. It is possible that it will travel through different cities of the world.

d. The possibility that your dossier proposal may be chosen by an independent curator for an individual exhibition at the IEFC, the Civic Center Pati Llimona or bar 33/45.


3. The registration fee will is €85. The maximum number of participants will be eighty people and the registration process will be closed once this quota has been reached. This price is the same for all participants and does not include accommodation, transportation or food.


4. The process to send the dossier and pay the registration has two steps:

a. Send an email to experimentalphotofestival@gmail.com with the following information: name and surname, city, telephone, social networks (optional) and dossier. The subject of the email must be: “Registration EXP.20”. Photographers who do not wish to send a dossier can indicate it in the email.

b. In response, we will send you a link to pay the registration fee. You will have 15 days to make the payment from the moment you receive the email. If registration is not made within this period, the process will have to be restarted. The payment means acceptance of the festival rules and the money will not be refunded if the participant decides not to come to Barcelona.


5. The dossier can consist of one project or different photographs selected by the artist. This dossier must include between 5 and 15 photos, a description of the project and/or the artist's statement. Those who send a clear, coherent and complete project will have more chances to be selected for individual exhibitions. In addition, it will be appreciated if the project is accompanied by an experimental exhibition proposal. The images will be attached in .JPG format with the last name of the author (following this format: Surname_number), without exceeding 20 Mb altogether. At this stage, we will not accept transfers via WeTransfer or TIFF files. In the same e-mail, you can send audiovisual material or other complementary materials to your work.



Rules and guidelines


1. The projects and photographs presented can be of all kinds, even if they have already been exhibited, published or previously awarded. We accept dossiers or works made by multiple authors (as in the case of film swaps) but each of the authors must pay their registration fee if all of them wish to participate in the festival activities in Barcelona.


2. During the event there will be four exhibitions: one collective and one individual at the IEFC and two individual exhibitions at the cultural center Pati Llimona and at bar 33/45. Each space will select a curator not related to the organizers of the festival (BADEM) to choose between all the submitted dossiers. The selection is final. Each space can freely decide if it wants to expose one or more artists and the way to do it. It is not possible to participate in the exhibitions without registering or not being physically present during the activities in Barcelona.


3. The artists that are chosen to make an individual exhibition will not have additional costs, but their participation and presence are required as of January 14 for the preparation of the exhibition.


4. If you think you could participate in the festival talking about a topic related to experimental photography, you wish to organize a workshop or you would like to recommend someone else to do it, you can send us this information together with the registration email.


5. The photographers selected for collective and individual exhibitions will be announced on 15th November, and they will have to send the selected photos in high quality (high-resolution TIFF 3000x5000, 300DPI) before 1st December 2019.


6. To attend the discussion panels and the presentations of projects and experiences, it is not necessary to register in advance. To participate in the workshops, it is mandatory to make a pre-registration, since these have a limited capacity of participants. One month before the start of the festival, you will receive an email with all the workshops and you can choose one of them. We strongly recommend registering in advance at the chosen workshop and bringing the required material.


7. The official communication channels of the festival are the @experimentalphotofestival account on Instagram, the hashtag #experimentalphotofestival and facebook.com/experimentalphotofestival. A group will be created in this platform to get in touch with the rest of the participants and share information, doubts, and queries.


8. During the festival, there will be a stand where participants can sell their own small format productions (books, postcards, reels, cameras)at no cost and without benefits for the organization. Check by email the availability of space.


9. Once the festival is over, the exhibitions will be proposed to different spaces at international level so that they can continue to be exposed for as long as possible.





Printed copies of the photos submitted can be sold by BADEM after the exhibitions in order to allow the sustainability of the project and to finance the organization of the next event. Participants will have priority and a discount to buy any of the works. The authors will not receive any compensation for the sale of their works, as they will be printed with the money raised by the registration fee from all attendants to the festival. By registering, participants automatically accept the festival's legal conditions: they grant BADEM and IEFC the non-exclusive right to use and reproduce the submitted photographs (always indicating the name of the photographer and the title of the work) for promotion (for example: Facebook, Instagram and or the websites of BADEM, IEFC, cultural centre Pati Llimona or bar 33/45), exhibition and commercial purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyright and ownership of the works. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement of the rights of privacy, property or authorship of others caused by the creation or presentation of their work in public. BADEM reserves the right to exclude dossiers that violate the general conditions of participation or that infringe copyright, human or privacy rightsfrom the festival.

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