"If I had to describe my weekend at EXP.20, I would say it was the summer camp experience I always wished I had."

Michael Behlen, director of Analog Forever Magazine.

Registration will begin June 1st with a special price for artists and volunteers of EXP.20 (€100) and early birds with one (€125) and two workshops (€150)! These prices are part of a summer offer to those who are determined to come to the festival and after September 1st they go up to €140 for a workshop and €165 for two workshops, plus €50 for each workshop that you want to purchase separately.

Every person registering to EXP.21 is invited to send a dossier that will be studied by a curator to be part of one of the 6 exhibitions. We do not rent travel exhibitions but we give the curators total creative freedom to mount them from the materials you sent to us. We believe that's the way everyone can show their work: some giving workshops or conferences and others creating exhibitions or showing their work.


Enter our Transparency section and find out exactly where your money is going.


          BETWEEN JUNE 1 AND AUGUST 31           

See you soon!