who we are?

Degree in languages, art, and culture, 95% self-taught graphic designer and photographer. Feminist and Ph.D. in falling asleep soon. She has Italian origins and a feeling of not belonging to any territory. Pizza lover, Facebook hater.


Co-director, responsible for design, social media, editorial, and back office.


Cultural manager, passionate about both historical and experimental photography, Ph.D. in contemporary history, unexpressed desires facilitator, civil engineer of unknown bridges and roads.


Co-director, program manager, budget, grants, and tours.

As a son of a sculptor, he has developed a body awareness from an early age. He has since cultivated a connection to texture and materiality. Fascinated by the numerous possibilities that technology has to offer, he first experimented with 4x5 view cameras and then turned to the practice of digital art. A shift, since he then started to transform his images. He now produces new scenes of everyday life by assembling raw elements with real subjects – always finding the right balance between authenticity and fiction. More than a plastic artist, he prevails as a sculptor of reality.


Responsible for many things, among others, grants and partners.


Artistect from Tucuman, creator of ideas and projects between Argentina, Spain, and France. Actress, set designer, architect, curator in visual arts, graphic designer, art director in audiovisual projects, feminist and music lover. She is happy with an empty space to be filled with works and proposals that speak to the world in a sensitive and peculiar way. Ninja in creating spaces and objects with precarious materials, always with marks on the legs because her anxiety always comes first then her motor skills. Since 1989 giving everything to the service of good questions that make humanity think.


Responsible for graphic design, editorial, and exhibitions.

Blue leg from birth and inveterate traveler. She captures moments since she has consciousness. Dreamy, brave, fighter and strong, very strong. Sushi monster. Administrator and founder of Grisphoto and Estudi25.


Responsible for social media and director of the photography department.